Du 23 au 26 septembre 2018
Edmonton, Alberta
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Résumés acceptés

Nous sommes heureux d'indiquer le titre de tous les résumés qui ont été soumis à la conférence GéoEdmonton 2018 et qui ont été approuvés ainsi que les renseignements de leurs auteurs. Plus de 500 résumés ont été acceptés et passent au stade de la soumission d'articles. Nous remercions toutes les personnes qui ont envoyé des résumés.

On rappelle à tous les auteurs correspondants que pour être considérés pour une présentation orale ou par affiches, un article technique doit être soumis d'ici le 15 mai 2018 à l'aide du processus de soumission; voir les Détails sur la soumission des résumés pour obtenir tous les renseignements.

Thèmes sur la géotechnique
Mécanique des sols et fondations
A New Critical State-Based Constitutive Model in Multilaminate Framework
Hamid Karimpour
A proposed reporting approach for Champlain Sea clays and other similar deposits
Ramy Saadeldin
Stantec Consulting Ltd.
An Analytical Model for the Prediction of Drilled Pile Base Load-Displacement Behavior
Suthan Pooranampillai
Amec Foster Wheeler Environment and Infrastructure
Anisotropic behaviour of clay core and foundation in existing earth fill dams
Irene Ubay
University of Manitoba
Anisotropic behaviour of sands predicted by a modified NorSand soil model
Vincent Castonguay
Université Laval
Assessing internal erosion in a rigid wall-permeameter: theoretical and experimental aspects
Robert P. Chapuis
Ecole Polytechnique
Assessment of the effect of specimen size and confinement method on the results of simple shear test
Mustapha Abdellaziz
Université de Sherbrooke
Assessment of the geotechnical and microstructural characteristics of lime stabilised expansive soil with bagasse ash
Asymmetric excavation above a concrete wastewater collector
Mohammad Kermani
GHD, Montreal
Calibration of Geotechnical Resistance Factors for Seismic Design
Gordon Fenton
Case study: Challenges Encountered in Design and Construction of the Regina Bypass MSE Walls
Matt MacIntosh
Reinforced Earth Company Ltd.
Centrifuge testing of lateral pipeline-soil interaction buried in clay
Morteza Kianian
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Comparison of 2D and 3D finite element models of tunneling in granular soil under Existing Raft Foundation
Sumi Siddiqua
The University of British Columbia
Gustavo Padros
ARKK Engineering Corp
Correlation of anisotropic free swell behaviour with mineralogy in Clearwater clay shale
Ramin Ghassemi
Design and Monitoring of a 23 Storey Condominium Using Rammed Aggregate Pier Support
Julia Brown
WSP Canada Inc.
Determination of the Mode I Fracture Toughness and Tensile Strength of Compacted Clays
Keda Cao
University of Calgary
Driven Steel Piles in Clay Shale on Northeast Anthony Henday Drive in Edmonton
David J Walter
Amec Foster Wheeler
Edmonton LRT Tunnels – A History and Comparison of Tunnel Performance in the City
David Elwood
Effect of lubricated end-platens on behaviour of cemented paste backfill under triaxial loading
Amin Jafari
University of Toronto
Energy performance of below-grade envelope of Stanley-Pauley building in Winnipeg
Pooneh Maghoul
University of Manitoba
Enhancing void and fracture filling with an expandable silicate-based grout
Michael McDonald
National Silicates
Evaluation of sand unit weight and strength using electro-mechanical impedance
sung-sik park
Excess pore pressure modeling of Leda clay subject to CRS loading considering bi-linear e-logk relationship
Cong Shi
Experimental evaluation of the unsaturated shear strength of mine-tailings using the suction stress characteristic approach
Emad Maleksaeedi
Experimental Investigation of Cement Mixing to Improve Champlain Sea Clay: A Case Study
Experimental study of gypsum and anhydrite dissolution due to surface flow
Reza Imam
Amirkabir University of Technology
Fatigue performance of steel catenary risers affected by seabed geometry and stiffness
Rahim Shoghi
Field load testing and integrity tests of CFA piles in sandy deposits
Fanyu Zhu
WSP Canada Inc.
Geotechnical Challenges in the Construction of the Niagara Wind Farm, Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada
Bruce Polan
GHD Ltd.
Hafeez Baba
SNC Lavalin
Highway 66 Embankment on Soft Ground – Design, Construction and Long Term Monitoring: A Case Study
Matt Thibeault
Infiltration column test for measuring the effect of wetting front advancement on unsaturated hydraulic conductivity
Emad Maleksaeedi
Gustavo Padros
ARKK Engineering Corp
Instrumented Static Pile Load Testing of Cast-in-place Concrete Piles in Edmonton
Andrew Gregory Cushing
Arup Canada, Inc.
Liquefaction of silty soils from laboratory tests on intact and reconstituted specimens
Load Tests on Large Diameter Belled Piles for Rogers Place in Edmonton
Mahmoud Soliman
Amec Foster Wheeler Environment & Infrastructure
Load Transfer Behavior of Full-Scale Instrumented Helical Piles
Ehsan Abazari
Long-Distance Measurement of Pile Driving Vibrations
Storer J. Boone
Golder Associates Ltd.
Measurement of Earth Pressures in Vertical and Horizontal Boreholes during Packer Tests
Haitao Lan
Queen\'s Univeristy
Measurement of Hydraulic Conductivity Variation in Post Seismic Behavior of Sand Using TxSS
Aya Fouad Bayoumi
université de sherbrooke
Micropiles installed into an artesian aquifer at Richmond Hill GO Station Pedestrian Bridge
Naresh Gurpersaud
Modeling of Steel Strip Reinforced Soil Wall at Working Stress Conditions
Lalinda Weerasekara
WSP Canada
Modeling of stress–strain behaviour of loose and medium dense sands at low stresses
MD Anan Morshed
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Non-linear elastic analysis of laterally loaded piles
Bipin Kumar Gupta
University of Waterloo
Nonlinear hysteretic seabed response to vibrations of slugging steel catenary risers
Xiaoyu Dong
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Numerical and Experimental Study of Sediment Settling at the Micro Scale
Elham Kheradmand
Numerical modeling of lateral pipeline-trench interaction backfilled with sand
Mehdi Esmaeilzadeh
Numerical modelling of reduction in long term creep deformations by vacuum consolidation
Carthigesu Gnanendran
UNSW Canberra
Numerical simulation of pore pressure changes in Champlain clays - Lachenaie and Sainte-Marthe study cases
Amirhossein Shafaei Shahboulaghi
Numerical simulation of the debonding phenomenon in small diameter grouted anchors
Ahmed Fahmy
30 Forensic Engineering
Performance evaluation of buried pipes subjected to axial soil movement using coupled finite-discrete element framework
Masood Meidani
McGill University
Pioneers of Géotechnique in Calgary
Heinrich K Heinz
Thurber Engineering
PM4SAND And UBCSAND Constitutive Soil Models for Seismic Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis of an Anchored Sheet Pile Wall System
Viet tran
Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Predicting the Side Resistance of Piles Using Artificial Neural Networks and SPT N-Values
Markus Jesswein
Reliability of drag embedment anchors for applications in canadian deep offshore
Mohammad Javad Moharrami
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Results of large-scale cyclic triaxial tests on the mixed material of Roudbar dam core
Reza Imam
Amirkabir University of Technology
Screening of Bridge Sites in Ontario for Liquefaction Susceptibility
Mason Ghafghazi
University of Toronto
Skin Friction and End Bearing Parameters of Cast-in-Place Concrete Piles Socketed into Calgary Bedrock
Anwar Majid
AECOM Canada Ltd
Stabilisation des argiles sensibles par procédé chimique pour fins de réutilisation
Kevin Dumberry
Englobe Corp.
Statistical study of ultimate capacity of micropiles in Ontario soils
Alexandre Pimenta Ribeiro Pontes Almeida
Ryerson University
Understanding the family of Soil-Water Characteristic curves
Delwyn Fredlund
Upgrade of a Tailings Dam using Ground Improvement
Samuel Briet
Variation of the geomechanical properties using the spectral pseudo-static procedure into the limit equilibrium slope stability software - SVSLOPE
Jonathan Mole
Wellhead Fatigue Response Affected by Seabed Interaction
Etido Gideon Akpan
What Happened Last Time - Lessons without Experience - Chapter 1
Harry Oussoren
Insitu Contractors
Mécanique des roches et géologie de l’ingénieur
A machine learning approach to identify discrete fracture networks
Scott Harold McKean
University of Calgary
A modified predictive model for evaluating the creep of rock under triaxial compression test conditions
Ruofan Wang
Determining rock erodibility parameter « relative block structure » with variable flow direction
Lamine Boumaiza
Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Discontinuum Analysis for Tunnelling Purposes: Procedure and Considerations for Creating 2D Models by Applying the FDEM Method
Ioannis Vazaios
Queen\'s University
Indirect estimation of railway ballast strength by conducting point load test on rock cores and irregular-shaped particles
Massoud Palassi
University of Tehran
Injection-induced Thermo-poroelastic Deformations in a Geological Reservoir Confined with Flexible Sealing-rocks
kamelia Atefi Monfared
University at Buffalo
Modeling the shear behavior of rock joints under various normal conditions
Shuilin Wang
Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Performance of Vertical Shafts Constructed In Swelling Shale Using Finite Element Method
Hayder Al-Maamori PhD PEng
Western University
Pressure redistribution and free phase gas formation during and after undrained unloading of dissolved gas-charged sediment
Jason M. Abboud
University of Calgary
Rock joints submitted to direct shear tests under low normal stress: evaluation of apparent cohesion values and key parameters
Université de Sherbrooke
Strain field of prismatic limestone specimens under unconfined compressive loading
Matthew Perras
Department of Civil Engineering
The crack closure, initiation and damage stress of Montney shale
Qiang Chen
University of Calgary
Nicholas Vlachopoulos
Royal Military College of Canada
Géorisques et glissements de terrain
Application of a cellular stress transfer model to the Ten Mile Slide in southwestern BC
Andrew Mitchell
University of British Columbia
Back Analyses of an Ancient Landslide: A Case Study in Zagros
Behrang Pedram
University of Rahman Ramsar Department of Civil Engineering
Case Study: Remediation of a Riverbank Slope Failure in the Canadian Prairies
Bernie Mills
Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Jamal Assaf
Western University
Coupled analysis of soil–pile interaction of pile stabilized slopes
Ripon Karmaker
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Evaluation of Near Surface PWP Profiles: Effect of Loss of Head Scarp Suction on Rate of Slope Movement
Kelvin Sattler
Failure mechanism of a pre-historic landslide in Champlain Sea clay at Breckenridge, Quebec
Baolin Wang
Geotechnical and electrical properties of sensitive clay in Saint-François-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud, Québec, Canada
Sandra Veillette
Université Laval
Grierson Hill Landslide and Stabilization Strategies for Recent Developments in the Area
Xiaobo Wang
Thurber Engineering
Hysteresis in Soil Water Characteristic Curve of Unsaturated Soil and its Influence on Slope Stability
Mavara Turab
SNC-Lavalin GEM Ontario Inc.
Landslides in the Kitimat-Morice River Corridor, northwest British Columbia, Canada
Andrée Blais-Stevens
Geological Survey of Canada
Loading Efficiency and Stiffness of the Lee Park Formation at Borden Bridge
Jordan Nicholas Antunes
Clifton Associates
Modelling the spatial distribution of landslide susceptible terrain in the Alberta portions of the Interior Plains and Shield regions, Canada
Gregory Hartman
Alberta Geological Survey
Near Collapse of the St. Adolphe Bridge - An Exercise In Emergency Geotechnical Engineering
Rob Kenyon
KGS Group
Sina javankhoshdel
Parametric Study of Global Stability of Benched Earth Slopes
Fathi M. O. Mohamed
Amec Foster Wheeler
Seismic Site Amplification for Eastern Canada Clay Deposits
Didier Perret
Natural Resources Canada
St. Jean Baptiste Dike Stabilization
David Flynn
KGS Group
Study of debris flow entrainment of dry granular material: analytical model, numerical experiment and case study
Chao Kang
University of Alberta
Surficial Slope Instability and the Potential Contribution of Erosion Control Practice
Ian Corne
The 2016 landslide at Saint-Luc-de-Vincennes
Frédérique Tremblay-Auger
The Analysis of Physical-mechanical Behavior of Landslide Deposits
Longqi Liu
Variations in river level and their impact on slope stability at the Borden Bridge landslide
Jenae Nixon
Clifton Associates Ltd.
Géotechnique minière et hydrogéologie
3D numerical assessment of the permeable envelope concept for in-pit disposal of reactive mine wastes
Moise Rousseau
Patrick Mah
DMT Geosciences Ltd.
An experimental study of the movement of tailings though waste rock inclusions
Karim Essayad
Research Institute on Mines and the Environment (RIME UQAT-Polytechnique)
Coarse Tailings Sand Densification By Dozer Packing
Scott Martens
Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.
Effect of Loading Rate on Consolidation of Hydrating Cemented Paste Backfill
Mohammad Shahsavari
University of Toronto
Étude comparative de la performance d’abat-poussières à contrôler l’érosion éolienne sur les parcs à résidus miniers
Mamert Mbonimpa
Experimental study of Self-weight consolidation of slurried material during and after the deposition
Jian Zheng
Impact of surcharge loading on VSD performance in dewatering oil sands tailings
SNC-Lavalin Inc.
Influence de la procédure de malaxage sur les propriétés rhéologiques et mécaniques des remblais en pate cimentés
Reagan Dikonda
Université du Québec en Abitibi Abitibi-Témiscamingue
Mathematical modeling and analysis of in-situ strength development in cemented paste backfill structure
Liang Cui
Lakehead University
Performance Of Mine Waste Earth Fill Dumped Into Deep Standing Water
Scott Martens
Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.
Reduction of Environmental Impacts of Oil Sands Plants by Implementing Bitumen Extraction and Tailings Disposal Processes using Lime (CaO) Additive
Baki Ozum
Apex Engineering Inc.
Solidification and Strengthening of Fine Oil Sand Tailings using Sodium Silicate
Michael McDonald
National Silicates
Structuration in polymer amended oil sands fine tailings
Muhammad Asif Salam
Carleton University
Test column study into VSD aided self-weight consolidation of oil sands tailings
SNC-Lavalin Inc.
Thermal conductivity of Meadowbank mine’s waste rocks and tailings
Vincent Boulanger-Martel
Unloading Pore Pressure Response of the Weak Clearwater Derived Clays Under a Tailings Dyke at the Suncor Millennium Mine
Delakshan Inparajah
Amec Foster Wheeler
Génie géoenvironnemental
Estimating Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity from Compression Curves for Fluid Fine Tailings
Yagmur Babaoglu
Carleton University
Evaluation of Temperature and Multiple Freeze-Thaw effects on the Strength Properties of Centrifuged Tailings
University of Alberta
Impact of carbonation on chemical and mineralogical properties of stabilized and solidified matrices
Sarra El Bedoui
Heddur Nagappa Gowda Ramesh
University Visweswariah college of Engineering
Jean-Luc Armstrong
RMC - Civil Engineering Department
Lessons Learned: Self-Hardening Slurries in Slurry Trenching
Nathan Coughenour
Geo-Solutions Inc
Machine learning in soil mechanics
Pouyan Pirnia
Numerical Experiments on Flow and Transport of Various Surfactant Solutions in the Vadose Zone
Sebnem Boduroglu
York University
Overcoming Barriers to Intrusive Investigations Created by Existing Infrastructure
Carol A Kehoe
The City of Calgary
Remediation of Hydrocarbon-Contaminated Sediments by Strong Mixing and Hydrophobic Aerogel Sorption
Catherine Mulligan
Two New Models to Predict Rainfall Runoff in Soil Cover Systems
Ahlam Abdulnabi
University of Alberta
M.Hissan khattak
Carleton university
Géotechnique des transports
A New Soil Structure Interaction Model for Moving Loads
Hesham Farag Elhuni
University of Waterloo
A study on the effect of moisture content on the mechanical properties of pavement structure determined by Falling Weight Deflectometer Test
Pooneh Maghoul
University of Manitoba
Axial Resistance Gain of Piles Driven into Artesian Soils: Case Studies
Kevin Bentley
Golder Associates Ltd.
Hany El Naggar
Dalhousie University
Effects of Temporal Resolutions of Design Climate on the Stability of Embankments
Ryley Beddoe
Royal Military College
Field Observations from Saprolite Test Fills in High Rainfall Sites
Hector Barriga
Klohn Crippen Berger
Geotechnical Seismic Retrofit of Mission Bridge, British Columbia, Canada
Thava Thavaraj
Highway Embankment Failure on Weak Ground - Case History
David Staseff
Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO)
In-situ moisture and temperature monitoring of clay subgrade and aggregate base courses along southern Manitoba highways
David Kurz
KGS Group
Mitigating pavement shoulder cracking in northern, low volume highways by incorporating TenCate Mirafi® H2Ri wicking geotextile
Seismic deformation analysis for a caisson wharf on liquefiable soils
Khashayar Refahi
Stantec Consulting Ltd.
A Review of Current Methods to Estimate Pullout Failures in MSE Walls
Lalinda Weerasekara
WSP Canada
Amélioration du drainage sous les voies CN au moyen d’un géocomposite de drainage
Stephan Fourmont
Bituminous geomembranes (BGM) for heap leach pads and storage dumps for solid wastes in mine construction
Natalie Daly
Axter Coletanche Inc
Effect of Tire Derived Aggregates on shear strength parameters of TDA-soil mixtures
Ali Iranikhah
Effects of Thermal Cycles on GCL Hydration
Jelica Diandra Garcia
Queen's University
Evaluation of a mechanically stabilized layer for the Trans-Canada Highway in Antigonish Nova Scotia
Mark Wayne
Tensar International
Geomembrane puncture protection for tire derived aggregate
Bryce Adam Marcotte
University of Saskatchewan
Improving Medium Plasticity Clay Properties by Adding Bottom-ash
Leila Hashemian
Investigation of the shear behavior of EPS geofoam
Muhammad Imran Khan
McGill University
Ashutosh Sutra Dhar
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Use of Geomembranes in Cover Systems for Mining Waste Sites
Thomas Pabst
Polytechnique Montréal - RIME
Régions froides
A numerical study of mechanical impact from ice loss from fractures in thawing rock
Greg Gambino
Effect of Temperature on Pile-soil Interface Adfreeze Strength in Ice-rich and Ice-poor Frozen Soils
abdulghader abdulrahman
carleton university
Evaluation and Comparison of Geomechanical Properties of Hydrate-bearing and Frozen Sands
Muhammad Abbas
Execution of a Winter Geotechnical Drilling Program at Pond Inlet and Iqaluit
Jeff Gibson
Frost heave and thawing settlement of frozen soil around pile during freezing-thawing processes: a laboratory investigation
Liyun Tang
Xi’an University of Science and Technology
Ed Milan Grozic
Tetra Tech Canada Inc.
Investigating the Moisture Migration and Mechanical Properties of Seasonal Frozen Soil Subgrade
Xue Mao
Chang\'an University
Large deformation analysis of ice keel-soil-pipeline interaction in sand
Afrouz Nematzadeh
Modeling changes in hydrate stability associated with Arctic warming and its impact on slope instabilities
Khokan Debnath
University of Calgary
Rationalizing the design of adfreeze steel pipe piles with Limit States Design
Ed Hoeve
HoevEng Consulting Ltd.
Settlement and Heave Anomaly on a Pipeline in the Northern Region of Canada – An Update
Blake Brodland
Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions
Temperature Monitoring of a Culvert under Winter Conditions
Earl Marvin De Guzman
University of Manitoba
The Geomechanical Behavior of Hydrate Bearing Fine-grained Sediments
Boning Ma
University of Calgary
Géotechnique durable
Major applications of MICP at multi-scale levels: A review.
Fatima Zahra Haouzi
École Polytechnique de Montréal
Pratiques professionnelles
Challenges and Successes in Developing and Implementing Diversity and Inclusion Strategies – An Industry and Municipal Government Perspective
Women in Engineering
Creating an Inclusive Work Environment by Challenging our Unconscious Bias
Women in Engineering
No Longer “One of the Boys”? Working Women, Family Issues, and the Search for Balance and Equity
Women in Engineering
Successful Initiatives to Increase Gender Diversity and Equality in Industry and Academia
Women in Engineering
Supporting Each Other and Recognizing the Challenges
Women in Engineering
Testing the back door.
Wayne Gibson
Work Life Balance – What Do We Regret on our Death Bed?
Women in Engineering
Peats and Soft Soils
A study on the efficiency of the hardening soil model for soft clays
Saeed Kharaghani
Université de Sherbrooke
Case history of pile supported highway embankments on very soft and compressible soils
(Uthaya) M. Uthayakumar
Muskeg Geotechnical Characterization Research for Soil – Pipe Interaction
Jennifer Liu
Numerical Investigation of Impedance Variation Effect on Surface-Waves’ Propagation for Characterization of Very Soft Soils
Fredy A. Diaz-Duran
University of Waterloo
Performance of Embankments on Soft Ground at Highway 11 Underpass at Black Creek-Robins Road in Northeastern Ontario
Keli Shi
Reconstruction of a high volume bus lane using cellular concrete
Brad Dolton
Soil Mix Shear Keys in Peat
Daniel Ruffing
Geo-Solutions Inc
The elastic response of a Champlain Sea clay deposit under test embankment loading conditions in Beauharnois, Quebec
Ramy Saadeldin
Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Tunnelling in Urban Environments
A Geotechnical Insight into A Pipeline Crossing
Amer Awad
Advisian Americas
Challenge of tunnelling in saturated cohesionless soils
Laifa Cao
Clogging Assessment of Edmonton Clay
Alireza Bayat
University of Alberta
Database extension: Tunnel work information system useful for GBR preparation in Montreal
Vincent Leroux
Ville de Montréal
EBP TBM tunneling versus Microtunneling –pros and cons to select the right technology
Giuseppe M. Gaspari
Response of a pile group adjacent to a deep excavation in dry sand
muhammad shakeel
Geohazards in Linear Infrastructure
Ashutosh Sutra Dhar
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Developing new design concepts for rockfall impact attenuator systems
Andi Buechi
Geobrugg North America LLC
Estimation of force on offshore embedded pipelines from submarine landslides
Diponkar Saha
Memorial University of Newfoundland
From concept to reality, combining a rockfall barrier with a retaining wall to protect railway tracks
Andi Buechi
Geobrugg North America LLC
Railway Ground Hazard Research Program Update: Rock Slope Hazard Assessment
D. Jean Hutchinson
Queen's University
Seismic design of CSP culverts in Eastern Canada
Ahmed Mahgoub
In-situ Testing
Civil Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, USA Shehab Agaiby Department of Civil Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt
Paul Wesley Mayne
Georgia Institute of Technology
Cone penetration testing in unsaturated silt with matric suction measurements
Jonathan Wong
Clifton Associates
Influence of Particle Size Variability on Interpretation of the State Parameter from CPT for Liquefaction Assessment in Tailings
Mason Ghafghazi
University of Toronto
The role of geophysics for optimizing Light Rail Transit track design for Edmonton’s Valley Line LRT
Patrick Finlay
Tetra Tech Canada Inc.
Using CT-scanning to study the internal erosion in soils
Adrian Glowacki
Risk Management in Geotechnical Projects
Can GBR Baselines be Reasonably Measured During Construction ? - Some Case Studies
Scott M Peaker
WSP Canada
Determination of Setback Line Based on Slope Stability Analysis
Micheal Eduarte Rasie
LWL Engineering Geotechnical Consulting Ltd.
Protecting workers exposed to ground hazards through enhanced hazard identification and management tools
Kathleen Baker
University of Alberta
Reducing the Intrusion: Instrumentation and monitoring for urban excavation with IoT, wireless sensors and reflectorless total stations
Stochastic Simulation of a Tailings Management System
Tony Zheng
University of Alberta
Value of Preliminary Pile Tests to inform Detailed Design in Canada
Andrew Gregory Cushing
Arup Canada, Inc.
Reliability Analysis for Geotechnical Design
Aligning Pile Monitoring with Limit States Design Methodology
Charles Lee
Golder Associates Ltd.
Review of Reliability Levels Achieved by Geotechnical Design Codes
Gennaro Esposito
SSimple Reliability Analysis of Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Walls DESIGNED USING AASHTO LRFD
Meckkey El-Sharnouby
Atlantic Industries Limited
The application of load and resistance factors in soil-structure interaction modelling to evaluate a retaining structure
Dylan Antunes
The assessment of the overall probability of failure of hard-rock slopes using the First Order Reliability Method and the Hunting Equation Method
Charlie Harrison
Knight Piesold
Shallow Geothermal Energy Exchange
Centrifuge modelling of energy piled group subjected to thermal cycles in sand
Qijie Ma
Considering Groundwater Advection on the Design of Borehole Heat Exchanger—A Review of Analytical Solutions
Wei Victor Liu
University of Alberta
Feasibility study of snow melting system using geothermal energy piles in Canadian Prairies
Pooneh Maghoul
University of Manitoba
Numerical Modeling of Concrete Energy Piles using a Coupled Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Model
Pooneh Maghoul
University of Manitoba
Role of Bitumen-Water Interfacial Tension in Steam Assisted Bitumen and Heavy Oil Production; Solvent versus Surfactant Co-injection with Steam Proces
Baki Ozum
Apex Engineering Inc.
Thèmes sur l’hydrogéologie
Mining, Energy Development and Groundwater
An evaluation of the impact of parameter uncertainty on the hydrologic performance of oil sands reclamation covers
Md. Shahabul Alam
University of Saskatchewan
Changes in Water Use in Alberta's Upstream Oil and Gas Sector between 2004 and 2013 and the Significance of Unconventional Oil and Gas Development
Tony Lemay
Alberta Energy Regulator/Alberta Geological Survey
Characterizing Hydrogeological Change from Oil and Gas Development in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin
Grant Ferguson
University of Saskatchewan, Department of Civil, Geological and Environmental Engineering
Construction of a capillary barrier cover for reactive mine waste management utilizing municipal biosolids
Christopher Hey
Carleton University
Effect of climate change on the performance of a monolayer cover combined with an elevated water table to prevent acid mine drainage
Groundwater Recharge in a Reclaimed Watershed Following Oil Sands Mining: Implications for Groundwater Flow in Reconstructed Landscapes
Maxwell Lukenbach
Advisian & University of Alberta
Injection Well Field Optimization Using Analytical Methods
Sheila Duchek
SNC-Lavalin Inc
Investigation on the origin of shallow hydrocarbons found in the Carboniferous of southern New Brunswick
Christine Rivard
Managing Thermal Mobilization Effects in the Oil Sands Areas of Alberta
Steve Wallace
Measuring Fugitive Methane Gas across Well Pads in Northeastern British Columbia, Canada
Olenka Noelani Forde
test 1
test ÀàÂâÆæÇçÈèÉéÎîÏïÔôŒœÙùÛûÜü test
Groundwater and Climate Change
Advances in the application of subsurface temperature profiles to trace groundwater flow
Barret Kurylyk
Dalhousie University
Is the rate of fugitive methane gas migration around Alberta’s energy wells adequately constrained?
Jason M. Abboud
University of Calgary
Watershed Resilience and Source Water Protection
Ecohydrological Responses to Cross-Scale Interactions in Boreal Plain Shallow Lake Systems
Emily Audrey Pugh
University of Alberta
Estimating soil drainage and groundwater recharge by coupled plant-soil-water and groundwater flow modeling
Yefang Jiang
L’information géo-localisée au service de l’évaluation technico-spatiale du réseau d’assainissement des eaux pluviales et de la protection de l’enviro
Abdessalam HIJAB
Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems
Conservation of the endangered Small White Lady’s Slipper in Manitoba, Canada – A Hydrogeological Approach
David Charles Toop
Native Orchid Conservation Inc
Hydrogeological Considerations for Landscape Reclamation on Soft Tailings Deposits in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region
Pamela Twerdy
University of Alberta
Monitoring and modeling a shallow unconfined aquifer to determine long term environmental change
Derek Clarke
University of Southampton
Typology and Stewardship of Groundwater Dependant Ecosystems in the Lower Athabasca Region of Alberta, Canada
Alex Oiffer
Water budget of Lake Papineau in the Outaouais region (Quebec, Canada)
Simon Lavoie Lavallée
Université du Québec à Montréal
Regional Characterization
A GIS-based method for accommodating uncertainty in groundwater vulnerability assessment methods
David Milo Ferris
Dept. of Civil, Geological and Environmental Engineering
Application of multivariate analysis to regional groundwater quality assessment
Guy Armel Bayegnak
Alberta Environment and Parks
Geological Property Modelling in Support of the Safe Closure of the Medicine Hat – Alderson Gas Field in Southeastern Alberta, Canada
Amandeep Singh
Alberta Energy Regulator
History and Findings of Alberta’s Athabasca Oil Sands Area Groundwater Quality Monitoring Program
Trevor Butterfield
Locating and quantifying direct groundwater discharge at the reach scale: MacKay River, Alberta
Greg Bickerton
Environment & Climate Change Canada
Regional Characterization of the Beverly Channel Aquifer in the Industrial Heartland Area, Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta
Joao Kupper
Regional Hydrogeology of the Bakken Formation of the Williston Basin (Canada - USA)
Daniel Skoreyko
Isotopic and Geochemical Fingerprinting
A field and numerical study of a tracer test in a gypsum formation beneath a road
Kayla Renee Moore
University of Manitoba
Pitfalls in groundwater recharge evaluation using chloride mass balance in the Canadian Prairies
Igor Pavlovskii
University of Calgary
Regional Characterization of Athabasca Oil Sands Area Groundwater Using Environmental Isotopes
Trevor Butterfield
Approaches to Groundwater Management
Applying an aquifer-yield continuum approach to quantify groundwater yield across Alberta
Jessica Liggett
Alberta Energy Regulator / Alberta Geological Survey
Comparison of root water uptake and soil moisture dynamics under contrasting land uses in the Canadian prairies
Amro Negm
University of Calgary
Construction Dewatering Risk Mitigation (Protecting Estuary Baseflow and Groundwater Quality) - A Canadian Case Study
Christina Trotter
PGL Environmental Consultants
Field experiments and numerical modelling to investigate nitrate leaching due to different land use and slurry applications
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University of Manitoba
Land-use effects on depression-focused groundwater recharge in the prairies: water balance approach
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University of Calgary
Modelling the Groundwater Flow of the Carbonate Aquifer during Pump Tests of Two Wells in East St. Paul, Manitoba
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University of Manitoba
Simulating land use and climate change impacts on groundwater and surface water in an agricultural watershed located in southern Ontario
Sylvain Gagné
Université du Québec à Montréal
Outreach and Education
Alberta Working Well Program
Steve Wallace
Canadian Contributions to African University Hydrogeology Programs
Laurra Olmsted
UniWater Education Limited
General Hydrogeology
Analysis of the hydrogeological factors affecting seasonal fluctuations of groundwater levels in heterogeneous bedrock aquifer
Polina Abdrakhimova
University of Calgary Physical Hydrology Group
Application of Hydrogeology in LRT Transportation Projects
Sheila Duchek
SNC-Lavalin Inc
Coefficient de changement de volume mv dans la simulation numérique de la réponse des aquifères à nappe libre aux essais d’aquifère
Djaouida Chenaf
Examples of slug tests in textbooks: given interpretation and correct interpretation
Robert P. Chapuis
Ecole Polytechnique
Formation Scale Mapping of Aquifers in Alberta
Nevenka Nakevska
Plausible Variable-head Tests Initiated with Continuous Pumping in Monitoring Wells
Lu Zhang
Shallow groundwater systems in sub-humid, low-relief Boreal Plain landscapes: Interactions between glacial landforms, climate, and topography
Kelly J Hokanson
University of Alberta
The role of irrigation in depression-focused groundwater recharge in the Canadian Prairies
Alexandra Hughes
Contaminant Hydrogeology
A Novel Case Study on Achieving Site Closure - EM31 and Pseudo-3D OhmMapper Surveys, Calibrated with Physical Analytical Soil Data, to Create.......
Adam Peake
DMT Geosciences Ltd.
Chemical and toxicological differentiation of groundwaters in the Alberta oil sands region
James William Roy
Determining thickness of the impacted soils by a LNAPL considering the water table fluctuations
Lamine Boumaiza
Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
Evaluation of nitrate in groundwater under long-term manure application
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University of Calgary
Factors influencing nano zero valent iron (nZVI) transport: A COMSOL modeling approach
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York University
Groundwater Metal Contamination and Construction Dewatering: Challenges and Effective Solutions - A Canadian Case Study
Christina Trotter
PGL Environmental Consultants
Reclamation of Salt-Affected Lands by Total Ponding with Drainage : Numerical Simulations for Different Soils and Different Drainage System Config.
Pierre Huu Tri Nguyen
École Polytechnique de Montréal